Mayan Glyphs.

Through history, the children in Year 6 have been learning all about the ancient Mayan Civilisation. They have learnt how this civilisation developed one of the first systems for writing (they also enjoyed a ball game very similar to football). After studying the meaning of different glyphs, we carved them into a block to soap to create a Mayan stelae. The classroom smells lovely and clean.

An act of Remembrance.

The children from Year 6, remembered members of the armed forces who died in the line of duty. They went to the memorial in Grimoldby to share their favourite war poems and then held a two minute silence at 11am. The children also made wreaths and looked at the plaque, which has the names of those from the village who never returned during WW1.

History Fortnight.

For our History Fortnight topic, we are learning about the impact of WW2 on our local area. During the war, Lincolnshire was home to 27 bomber airfields. Today we visited one of these – East Kirkby. With the important role as journalists, Year 6 experienced the sound of a Lancaster’s engine as it taxied the runway. We also leant all about the jobs of the 7 crew members and realised how many people, sadly, never came back from their missions. The children made lots of interesting notes, ready to begin their newspaper reports back at school.